He Was With Me Through It All

He Was With Me Through It All

by Kathleen Poulton

One time I was very religious, a good person for sure

Yet standing on Gods promises and His Word to me never once did occur

At that time in my life I was naive and unsure

The things of this world were certainly a lure

To be popular and wealthy were certainly unhealthy

To rise to the top and attain it all

I certainly was headed straight for a fall

I need to mention all my good intention

For I was out to save the world and by it I twirled

And tossed with every wave

Of uncertainty and sorrows that life gave

On self I did depend

Prideful I would not bend

I was tossed to and fro;

Jesus I needed to know

To lean on Him then I could begin

A new life free from strife and sin

Yet worse it would be

For I did not yet see

Through it all He was certainly with me

I grew more tired and weary each day

As more and more troubles came my way

As everything got out of whack

Then my way became off track

In shame and blame I thought things would never be the same

I looked to man to fill a void

Along with that came troubles I could not avoid

I became bitter from all life threw my way

And in this world I no longer wanted to stay

I cried out to God to take me away

But He decided I needed to stay

And remove some things from my character that day

For when I asked, I received, though I did not know

I had some change to undergo

And so it began as He took me by the hand

We headed straight for the Promised Land

Where life in His Kingdom is full of peace

And I gained more ground as each thing I released

And let go, then one by one to me he would show

At the feet of Jesus, as I lay them, I would grow

More into the woman of God I was designed to be

Understanding more each day it was not about me

Of His Kingdom you’d have thought my chance of getting in was slim

For at one time I was really out on a limb

Enough! God said and it was then I was led

To read and study and in His Word abide

As I stepped forward with each stride

And step along the way

Learning to do it day by day His way

It was then everything would turn around

My life became joyful and sound as He placed my feet on solid ground

For I have no foe He does not know

He has created me from head to toe

And fitted me with His Armor to withstand the battles of life

With weapons in hand

To enable me to defeat the enemy and acquire the land

That flows with milk and honey

And it cannot be bought in this world or with money

His Kingdom will come here on earth to stay

As we take His hand and He leads the way

A good work in me He is faithful to see completed

So I will not be defeated

In victory I stand

As I inherit the Promised Land

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