Patient Endurance

Patient Endurance

Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will.
Then you will receive all that he has promised.

Hebrews 10:36 NLT

On a whirlwind visit, my daughter Rebekah, her husband Jairo, and their two-year-old son Javier (“Javi”) arrived at my house late on Friday and spent all day Saturday at our family reunion. The next morning they packed up to return to Pennsylvania.

Typical two-year-old boy, Javi loves climbing, jumping on beds and playing outside. He makes toys out of sticks and feathers and is especially fond of animals. Rarely will you spot him without an animal figure in hand.

When he comes to visit, a trip to the pasture is always in order so he can see the cows. But this particular weekend, allowed no break in the schedule for tromping to the fields.

As Rebekah and Jairo packed suitcases in their Jeep, Javi and I followed. In a flash, he took off running, arms flailing, feet flying, straight for the pasture, fenced in with electrified barbed wire.

“Stop, Javier!” Rebekah yelled and took off after him.

“No, Javi. Stop!” I echoed.

Only steps away from plowing headlong into the barbs, Javi tripped and landed in a stand of weeds.

Rebekah hurried in the direction of his cries, scooped him up, and returned him to the safety of the yard.

He never got to see the cows, I remembered.

“Here,” I offered, reaching to take him from Rebekah, “Let me take him to see the cows.”

Carrying him, I walked along the gravel road at a pace far slower than he preferred. But when I turned in the direction of the cow pasture, I felt his squirming body relax in my arms.

“See the cows?” I pointed.

“Cows,” he repeated.

We walked closer.

“There are the cows.” I gestured.

“Cows,” he said.

“See the water?” I pointed to the nearby pond.

“Water,” he nodded.

As I stood there surveying the scene with my grandson, peacefully still in my arms, I thought about how I am sometimes just like him—anxious to get to my goal, impatient for my dreams to come true. Sometimes I run ahead of God, but still He protects me from the barbs, allowing me to fall in the weeds instead. And like a loving parent, He scoops me up when I hurt.

In His own time at His own pace, He unfolds His plans for me. Though the wait is long and the journey arduous, He is with me through it all (Isaiah 41:10.) His eyes are upon me (Psalm 34:15); and He upholds me with His righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10). He carries me.

“See the water?” He says.

My heart stills.

“See the cows?”

I nod.

And the view of the promise-come-true is more than I could ever imagine—from the vantage point of my Father’s arms.

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