In Trouble I Look To His Word

In Trouble I Look To His Word

In troublesome times I look to God’s word.

At times the Holy Spirit reminds me of what I have heard.

Giving instruction and encouragementI need to carry on,

When at times I have felt I could not go on.

In his word lies a treasure above and beyond

Any words or wisdom man may offer or can speak.

In my Lord’s infinite wisdom, I find strength when I am weak.

His word is active and alive,

And, as I stand upon them and rehearse them, I thrive.

As a rose among thorns, though fragile, I may speak.

He gives refuge to me as I weakly peak

Into my Bible to hear my King speak.

Comforting words and encouragement lie within

The battered and worn pages I read over again.

When in doubt, I speak it out

God’s promises, loud and clear,

The scriptures that we hold so dear.

For our dear Lord is always near, attentive with a listening ear.

He hearkens to our cry.

His word is alive and will never die.

Sharper than a two edged sword, piercing to marrow and bone,

With and in him we are never alone.

His words Judge the thoughts and attitudes of our heart.

From him we are never apart.

Sensing the pain we feel, he holds us so dear

As he wraps us in everlasting arms

Where we are freed from all alarms.

Though troubles may come near,

We need not fear.

In fervent boldness, we fight the good fight of faith as he strengthens our weakened frame.

Yesterday, today, forever his words are the same.

With sword in hand, we are able to stand,

No matter what confronts us in this land.

We boldly move forward in his strength, love, and force.

Our heart in his hand, he directs like a watercourse.

We walk around every bend and obstacle we meet

Standing firmly with the Gospel of peace fitted upon our feet.

Our Hearts are encouraged and strengthened as our Father takes our hand.

On His Word we go forward and can always stand.

And in confidence we testify of his goodness and love,

An extension of his hand, here to those in the land.