Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to confirm your calling and election, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall. For in this way there will be richly provided for you an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 1:10-11

In l991, Rob, my husband of 4 years, and I wrote a song, the second song that we had ever written together, although my husband had already written several others. The first song we wrote together was performed at our wedding. This second song, called “Promise,” became the title song for a cassette album that we recorded—yes, a cassette. Lol.  By this time, our musical styles had been transformed to be a beautiful blend. You see, I had a classical music background and Rob’s style was more of a wonderful natural talent mixed with gospel, Motown and music lessons from childhood.

At this time our journey had brought us to Winchester, VA and it was there that we attended our very first Assembly of God Church. Our hearts were passionate about serving our Lord, raising our young daughter and following God’s plan for our lives. As a young wife and mother, I was living a life of pure joy as I saw God fulfilling my dreams and yet . . . I knew He wanted to do more through me.

I wasn’t sure what that would be and I’d never really been ambitious. However, in God’s grace, He showed me it wasn’t up to me to guide my Heavenly Father as to what the plans for my life should be. He indeed had a plan already in place that was more than worthy of my trust.  


Through the love of dear friends we made in our small group, Rob and I were directed to a recording studio where we would be able to share our musical gift with others. Again, we had very little intention and no great vision for this project except to be obedient to the doors God had opened for His Gospel to be spread through us.  This friend also gave me a book that led me to the understanding of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. On April 17, 1991, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit—one week before we recorded “Promise”.

After we completed “Promise,” little about our lifestyle changed. For 8 years following, Rob continued to work in health care and we had 2 more children. Yet, we did our very best to make every effort to supplement our faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. (2 Peter 1:5-7)

During these years of service unto our Lord, He blessed our efforts with effectiveness and fruitfulness. And most wonderfully, He made His calling and election clear as He confirmed His plan of full time ministry to us.

With our four children, son in law, daughter in law to be and 2 grandchildren, we have experiencedthe joy of hearing them make music unto the Lord while also preaching the gospel and spreading His word in places we’ve never even been. Now, several years later, God has fulfilled blessed promises that go beyond that which we even knew to ask. Each step toward the fulfillment of His PLANS brings blessing and also extreme challenge. Truthfully, I consider many of them trials and some much more than I thought I could bear. But God reminds me/us of His most precious Promises—Promises of His divine power, to be a partaker of His divine nature and of Eternal Life. Thank you, Lord for always keeping your promises.


Jesus made us a promise to live eternally.

Jesus made us a promise to save both you and me.

I searched through His word to find it

And now I truly know that I can believe in it because He promised me so.

But God

But God

In Trouble I Look To His Word

In Trouble I Look To His Word