All in God's Word

The Walk to Chaplaincy

by Ruth Pabon

Something about how I felt when I visited a person at the hospital would slowly reel me into the life of hospital chaplaincy.

I would pass the small hospital chapel and stop to pray for those people I was visiting.  I found solace in the plain simple room with one stained glass frame of praying hands.  Watching the chaplains come and go, I told myself, “one day I will be working here as a chaplain.”  I had no idea what that entailed, but after all the ministry I had done, in a way, it would be a relief.

Blessing Defined

by Johnese Burtram

Jesus speaks blessing that sometimes catches us off guard. The Kingdom approach to living; the blessing Jesus would speak into our lives comes from His blessings found in the Sermon on the Mount, manifesto of the Kingdom of God, gold standard for godly living. Matthew 5:3 - 9

Mommy, Bless Me

by Maria Donnelly

Blessing my sons at bedtime in one of my favorite memories. We would read Bible stories, say our prayers—prayer for everyone we could remember—and then tuck the children into their beds. “Mommy, bless me?” My middle son, James, would ask while tucking him into the top bunk. He shut his eyes as I laid my hands on his head.


by Eva Bridges

I am not a fan of waiting. At all.

And yet here I find myself a year into the adoption wait for a child. In all actuality, we've been waiting for four and a half years for God to grant the desire of our hearts. This wait just hangs over us—seemingly unending. This wait puts our ministry on hold.


by Joy Lively

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6  This has been a favorite promise of mine for as long as I have had my own Bible.  I cannot begin to tell how many times I’ve clung to these verses at times when the outcome looked dismal to say the least.

In Trouble I Look To His Word

by Kathleen Poulton

In troublesome times I look to God’s word.

At times the Holy Spirit reminds me of what I have heard.

Giving instruction and encouragementI need to carry on,

When at times I have felt I could not go on.

In his word lies a treasure above and beyond

Any words or wisdom man may offer or can speak.