All in Holiness

Even in Darkness Light Dawns

by Jenn Magnusen

As I mature in Christ it continually fascinates and challenges me how God's ways are not my ways, nor His thoughts my thoughts. And truly, that is probably a good thing for everyone concerned.  He tells us to love our enemies, to rejoice in persecution, to pray for those who come against us.  Even as I strive to take on the mind-of-Christ, God often proves He is the one in charge by answering my prayers in a manner I would not have anticipated or predicted.

Called to Be Holy

by Peggy Musgrove

Paul told Timothy: “You are called to a holy life” (2 Timothy 1:9), and that’s what I was told when I committed my life to Jesus at age 19. I knew it was the right thing to do because of my teaching. I had no idea the meaning of living a holy life, though I’ve learned a lot in the last 65 years.