All in Patience

Blooms in the Desert

by Christi Trimbur

I have spent most of my adult life in the desert, living in a desolate wasteland surrounded by sand and Muslims. In that barren place I have found beauty. I have seen the Lord bring forth the pinkest of flowers out of the driest of earth and shed the light of Truth in the darkness of Islam. Few things compare to the beauty of seeing the Lord perform the miraculous in the desert—the shear impossibility of it, breathtaking and faith-filling.

Over two years ago, we returned to the US to take a stateside assignment. Although we believed in the eternal importance of this particular assignment, the real reason we came home was to adopt a child. The barrenness surrounding us in the desert infiltrated our home and our lives when we discovered we could not have biological children. Our only hope for expanding our family of two would be through adoption.


by Eva Bridges

I am not a fan of waiting. At all.

And yet here I find myself a year into the adoption wait for a child. In all actuality, we've been waiting for four and a half years for God to grant the desire of our hearts. This wait just hangs over us—seemingly unending. This wait puts our ministry on hold.

Patient Endurance

by Desiree St. Clair Glass

On a whirlwind visit, my daughter Rebekah, her husband Jairo, and their two-year-old son Javier (“Javi”) arrived at my house late on Friday and spent all day Saturday at our family reunion. The next morning they packed up to return to Pennsylvania.

Typical two-year-old boy, Javi loves climbing, jumping on beds and playing outside. He makes toys out of sticks and feathers and is especially fond of animals. Rarely will you spot him without an animal figure in hand.

When he comes to visit, a trip to the pasture is always in order so he can see the cows. But this particular weekend, allowed no break in the schedule for tromping to the fields.

As Rebekah and Jairo packed suitcases in their Jeep, Javi and I followed. In a flash, he took off running, arms flailing, feet flying, straight for the pasture, fenced in with electrified barbed wire.

Thoughts about Waiting. Advent Week 2.

by Johnese Burtram

The beneficiaries of the sacred text comprehended the wait. They waited for a variety of things. The waited for the early rain and the later rain so that their crops would grow and the harvest would come and they could survive another year. They waited long days, weeks, and months for news to come from faraway places. They waited for babies to arrive only to have too many of them perish in infancy. They waited for freedom from oppression and tyranny with little hope of a deliverer. They knew how to wait.