All in Prayer

Written Prayers

In the past few years I have incorporated a pen and a journal in my devotional times. I have found the benefit of recording my thoughts and impressions so that they don't escape into the chaos of my schedule, but are written down so I can reflect again on what the Lord has been saying to me.


by Eva Bridges

I am not a fan of waiting. At all.

And yet here I find myself a year into the adoption wait for a child. In all actuality, we've been waiting for four and a half years for God to grant the desire of our hearts. This wait just hangs over us—seemingly unending. This wait puts our ministry on hold.


by Joy Lively

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6  This has been a favorite promise of mine for as long as I have had my own Bible.  I cannot begin to tell how many times I’ve clung to these verses at times when the outcome looked dismal to say the least.

But God

by Lauretta Payne

Late in July 2010, it started. My breathing had become noticeably short and shallow. Since reaching senior status, aside from moderate exercise, mall walking and vigorous praise and worship participation, I didn’t do much to exert myself. But that’s when the symptoms were most apparent. Two - three minutes into praise and worship, I was struggling to catch my breath and feeling for the seat behind me. Generally active and having never before experienced shortness of breath, I was caught off guard. My normally exuberant praise was reduced to a slow, flat footed sway, back and forth, side to side.

In Trouble I Look To His Word

by Kathleen Poulton

In troublesome times I look to God’s word.

At times the Holy Spirit reminds me of what I have heard.

Giving instruction and encouragementI need to carry on,

When at times I have felt I could not go on.

In his word lies a treasure above and beyond

Any words or wisdom man may offer or can speak.

Hold On to His Promises

by Lois Quesenberry

...Early in our walk in the Spirit we heard the teacher of a Bible study group say, “The gifts of the Spirit are for the church – at home as well as in the church!” This spoke to me and so I opened my heart to actually hear from God. When our children were teenagers, we were concerned about some of their activities and the direction we thought that they might take. We began to seek the Lord about them and He gave us a “faith vision” for each of them...

Finding God in the Dark

by Melissa Tingwald-Alvarez

With my husband off to work and my kids on the school bus, I sipped my morning coffee in the quiet of my living room before heading off to work. Then. It. Hit. Me. Grief, sadness, depression - overwhelmed by life’s circumstances. I felt a darkness engulf me. I sank down on the hardwood floor and cried. I could not put my thoughts into words to form a prayer. Where was this coming from?