All in Relationships


by Linda Seagears

Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to confirm your calling and election, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall. For in this way there will be richly provided for you an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 1:10-11

In l991, Rob, my husband of 4 years, and I wrote a song, the second song that we had ever written together, although my husband had already written several others. The first song we wrote together was performed at our wedding. This second song, called “Promise,” became the title song for a cassette album that we recorded—yes, a cassette. Lol.

Hold On to His Promises

by Lois Quesenberry

...Early in our walk in the Spirit we heard the teacher of a Bible study group say, “The gifts of the Spirit are for the church – at home as well as in the church!” This spoke to me and so I opened my heart to actually hear from God. When our children were teenagers, we were concerned about some of their activities and the direction we thought that they might take. We began to seek the Lord about them and He gave us a “faith vision” for each of them...

The Christmas Jumper Dress

(A Christmas Memory)
by Ruth Pabon

Walking downtown with my mother a few days before Christmas my eyes caught sight of a lovely wool jumper dress displayed in a store window. The beautiful shade of maroon grabbed my attention. Seeing my excitement, my mother took me in the store, an exclusive one we had never gone into because of the high priced merchandise.  I tried on the dress and it was perfect but for the price. My thirteen-year-old heart sank because I knew we could not afford it.

Pregnant With Joy

by Johnese Burtram

...December 1974 found me working hard on Get Ready for the Coming of the Lord. I was to sing the song of Mary. Mary had grabbed my imagination. I wanted to understand this young Jewish girl, pregnant outside of marriage. How did she feel about this unexpected chain of events?

I Love Christmas

by Becky Pucher

I love Christmas!  I love the lights, the busyness, hunting for the right gift, wrapping and giving, cooking and baking, the decorating, parades, Christmas parties, concerts, and the special love people have at this time of year.

Four-Year-Old Wisdom

by Linda Santmyire

Zechariah—all boy with the attention span of a typical four year old, full of questions.

My husband and I love spending our Sunday’s with this youngest grandson. We pick him up for church, go to lunch, and then the rest of Sunday afternoon varies. I have found it best to let him pick the play with some gentle guidance, then join in.

God's Big Surprise

by Cynthia Shepherd

Everyday of my spiritual journey brings a new adventure as God always surprises me. This particular situation was a BIG surprise.

For years since my divorce, I have prayed, "God I am satisfied with the single life and missionary work/ministry you have provided, BUT (a big BUT) if you have a special person for me to share my life with, then you will need to bring that extraordinary person into my life without me doing any of the work."

God, unexpected

by Deborah Galyen

I feel deeply at peace and in awe of God’s majesty, here in Spain, when we escape our dusty city to walk in the mountains or stroll through orange groves in a remote village.  In contrast, being mired in relational conflict makes me feel tense, vaguely guilty, and sick to my stomach; therefore, it was the last place I ever expected to encounter God’s presence.  Yet, during a recent difficult situation, God’s voice was startling clear.