All in Thanksgiving

Aaah Spring

by Johnese Burtram

Aaah, spring… Late February teased us with warm temperatures and the definite expectation of spring. But March 2018 blew in with a mighty roar of the lion that shook the atmosphere. Even as we picked up singles and downed branches in our yards and endured the inconvenience of power outages, we continued to nurture hope for change.

I Am Thankful

by Joy Burtram Madison

I am thankful. These words have begun so many blog posts, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts over the years. I am thankful. For the past seven years or more, I have made it a habit in November to write about the things the Lord has given me.


by Brenda Burns

The holidays frequently involve pilgrimage – heading over hill and dale to connect with our families. I am also mindful that life itself is a pilgrimage – we are strangers and aliens in this land (1 Peter 2:11).