Johnese Burtram

Johnese Burtram

From the Editor

I've have enjoyed serving as the editor for the Element Connection these past several years.  We've developed an amazing pool of contributors and been enriched while exploring diverse themes relevant to women in ministry.  As we migrate from a static eNewsletter to this new, dynamic format, I look forward to adding even more contributors, expanding our reach and deepening our connections. 

This page hosts the editorials related to previous themes.  Thank you for visiting.  Remember - You Are Loved!



November 2017

As I considered the concept of blessing, the theme for Fall 2017 Connection, I have discovered its immense scope. The whole of scripture gives compelling attention to God’s interface with people and nations in regards to blessing, and in juxtaposition to that, curses.

Blessing finds its definition in God’s perfect plan for his creation: first to demonstrate His glory, second to accomplish the good of those who love God. We sometimes struggle with exactly what those purposes entail. From the moment sin separated God’s perfect creation from the perfection of the creator, we have been conflicted about clarifying the nature of God’s blessings in our lives.

March 2017

Somehow a promise holds extra weight. A promise, only as good as the one who gives it, can bring crushing disappointment when broken. The wounds of broken promises rank high on the scale of pain.

However, knowing the unshakable promises of our Savior soothes our souls bruised by fallible guarantees. So we hold onto the promises.

I hope you are blessed by the articles your Element sisters share in this first issue of Winter 2017 Element Connection.

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving, the great American hol-i-day. We do our best food preparation, observe our most cherished traditions. Of course, we will serve turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and gravy, and cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. At my house we always add corn pudding, green bean casserole, pickle plate, hot rolls and pecan pie – no not chocolate pecan pie because that is only for Christmas. Perish the thought that anyone would hazard a change to the menu. We will eat too much and enjoy every last bite.

Finding God in Surprising Places - Fall 2016

As always happens with your articles for Element Connection, I am again inspired and encouraged by your submissions for Finding God in Surprising Places. This fall we welcome new contributors. I hope you will connect with these ministry sisters as they share their lives with you. My prayer is that the articles in this 2016 Fall edition will sharpen our awareness to God at work in our lives in surprising places.


Holy Habits - Spring/Summer 2016

With summer upon us, I cherished the mistaken notion that life was supposed to slow a bit. The coming summer does, however, offer a change from the regiment of the rest of the year. This may be a time for you to consider the rhythms of your life, some time to care for your soul. This issue of the Element Connection deals with Holy Habits, those spiritual disciplines that keep us grounded. We welcome new contributors, as well as some whose names you will recognize as frequent writers.


Immanuel - Jesus with Skin On

As the Father has sent me into the world, so am I sending you. - Jesus

In past issues of The Connection we have followed the theme of God moments and windprints (the evidence of the Spirit's activity in our lives.) We pray with sincere petition that God would use us to bless others, that he would cause our lives to make a difference, that he would allow us to speak life and hope into this dark world, that his love would shine through our lives. However, I think we notice God's hand in our personal situations more often than we recognize his hand moving through us to affect those around us. I find it remarkable when someone says to me, "I remember when you said ..." "I remember when you did ... for me." "If it hadn't been for you ..." And, I rather imagine you share my sense of surprise when this happens to you.


We're Gonna Make It - Fall 2015, Part 1

Editing the Element Connection brings so much joy to me. The press to complete the e-zine can create stress, blurred vision, and cramped shoulders from laboring in front of a computer screen. However, your stories make it worthwhile. The Fall 2015 theme, "We're gonna' make it," stirred up some remarkable stories. We had such a strong response that we will produce two editions of Fall 2015 Element Connections. Thank you to those of you who shared your stories. You are brave, resilient, godly ladies.